What to Do

At 67km2, Gozo is small enough for a day-trip,  but a longer stay will give you time to uncover a myriad of hidden gems. This small island is a treasure trove of wonders. Round every corner is another jaw-dropping site, another church to visit, a temple to photograph, another fort to gape at, down that valley is another secluded bay to discover and so much more to explore.

A mere 5km stretch of sea separates Malta from its sister island but the two could not be more different. More rural and serene, Gozo’s culture and way of life are rooted in tradition, yet open to the present. Gozo is a haven of tranquillity where you can truly rest, relax and recharge. Walk, climb, dive, swim, sail, explore, bike, sunbathe, eat, drink, or simply be, but above all experience the joy of Gozo.