English Schools

Over the years Gozo has established itself as an ideal destination for an unforgettable 30 English Language learning experience. Although few in number the English language learning schools in Gozo boast of professional experience, knowing exactly what each and every student needs to effectively learn and develop their language while enjoying themselves in Gozo.

Gozo is ideal for adult students in search of a less ordinary English language learning experience, as the destination is a greener, quieter and highly individual choice. Choosing English language learning schools in Gozo let you escape the daily hustle and bustle of Malta, but you are still within easy reach of the splendid history, shopping and nightlife especially during weekends.

All English courses are run in an exceptionally friendly environment. The English language learning schools in Gozo, are known for establishing a great atmosphere amongst the students – both for learning and sharing free time – with people coming from diverse countries and all walks of life.