Painting Holidays and Poetry Reading

Gozo is an island of inspiration – what better place than, to grab your paintbrush and take off into the countryside for a spot of painting?

Gozo is such a spectacular place with amazing scenery and backdrops, it makes any artist’s mouth water. With quaint villages, rustic surroundings and encircled with natural seascapes and landscapes, Gozo is an ideal place for artists who are looking for that calm and tranquility to find an ideal spot to perch and paint.

We now offer a range of painting courses and lessons for beginners and intermediate painters,  all hosted and tutored by professional artists. can be organised by locals.

Painting holidays including lessons both for individuals and groups are available on a request base only.

Inspiration is all around in Gozo and poetry reading is therefore extremely popular. A group of locals regularly get together to ready their work surrounded by the beauty that the island has to offer. Visitors are always welcome to join in.