Annual Public Lecture- Sir Michelangelo Refalo Sixth Form

The Sir Michelangelo Sixth Form Council is organizing its Annual Public Lecture. This year it is in the form of a Walking Lecture: 

“The Gozo Cittadella; From Restoration and Rehabilitation to the Regiostars Award”


This enticing walk will be an informative and engaging event, showcasing the remarkable transformation of the Gozo Cittadella and emphasize it’s recent recognition with the Regiostars Award. 


The Annual Public Walking Lecture will be held on the 26th of May at 7.00pm, starting at the Cittadella Cultural Centre and leading to the Cittadella. Mr.Stephen Cini, Assistant Director (Cultural Heritage Directorate), an expert in historic restoration and preservation, will deliver an insightful talk about the journey the Cittadella took to be restored and rehabilitated until it received the Regiostars Prize.  


The prestigious, award-winning Cittadella emphasizes on the importance and appreciation to the National Heritage of Gozo. 


Attached you will find a poster of this event where we invite you to distribute and publicize this notice on your Facebook Page and other social media platforms. 

Event Info

May 26, 2023 7:00 pm

Location: Cittadella Gozo