Christmas Island

Another year has almost gone by, and soon we shall be embracing a new one. Meanwhile here on Gozo we are busy preparing for the most awaited time of the year – the Festive Season.

It is a time of giving and sharing. It is the season that brings along occasions for family and friends to unite and spend joyful moments together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is the time for genuine and authentic celebrations.

Christmas is a special time. A time for joy, merriment and peace. Most people associate this holy time with festivities, decorations and traditional Christmas fare all enjoyed in a familiar atmosphere with those held most dear. There are those who enjoy spending this time at home in cosy settings and spicy smells coming from the kitchen. Others like to share their merriment with the rest of the world and thus make others merry along with themselves!

Along the years destination Gozo has thought about both sorts of people and is enthusiastically preparing yet another seasonal set-up to create a home from home environment in order to be ready to welcome the many guests, who have already booked to pass this festive season within its varied comfortable, and unique accommodation. The delightful chocolate scent emanating from the sweet shops will mingle with that of the season delicacies specially prepared by the numerous Gozitan restaurants. Stollen, Christmas logs, Mince Pies and cookies will be made available and served with mulled wine, enhancing the aura with a welcoming spicy fragrance, lifting the spirits and warming the hearts of all those who enter Calypso’s cosy den.

Dining and entertainment have been carefully planned to theme the month-long nights of the festive season with a delectable assortment of food in special elaborate menus, synonymous with the local cuisine. Christmas Eve dinners, Christmas Day buffet lunches, New Year’s Day lunches and the sumptuous multi course New Year’s Eve dinners, top the list in this tempting and tantalising choice of menus.  A popular and seasonal repertoire of live music will be provided by a variety of entertainers and established singers to complement the perfect setting for these activities.  Well-established Gozitan choirs, will add a classical poignant touch with their heart-rendering, vocal interpretations of Christmas Carols and songs.

Visitors to Gozo will have a choice of spending their time in the warm, Christmas atmosphere of their accommodation itself, or otherwise they might wish to visit numerous Christmas cribs on show, or attend one of the many events included in a jammed packed festive season cultural calendar. 

A must during the stay on Gozo is a visit to the Nativity Village aptly named Bethlehem f ’Ghajnsielem, a few metres uphill from the port of Mgarr. This life nativity enactment has gone from strength to strength and is a crowd puller during the festive season.   If you’re after a festive feeling, Gozo is the place to be.  

Welcome to Christmas Island – Gozo!