Diving into Gozo’s Water World

The thrills offered by diving need to be experienced to be understood.

We have all seen them, wandering around like ungainly penguins, bent down under their air cylinders and rendered clumsy by their heavy equipment and flippers. But the moment they slip beneath the water’s surface, they transform, becoming agile, graceful, and strong. Watching troops of divers against the blue sea and sky, one might ponder the sensations of diving into the underwater realm and exploring its mysteries.

The thrills that diving offers are limitless! One needs to experience diving personally to understand that special feeling of weightless gliding underwater, while breathing effortlessly and admiring a completely different world that we know so little about.

Gozo offers a variety of beautiful dive spots, including the Blue Hole, Coral Cave and Inland Sea on the west coast, and Double Arches, Reqqa Point, Cathedral Cave and San Dimitri Point on the north. On the south side, attractions include Mgarr ix-Xini, Xlendi and four wrecks that have been deliberately sunk for the diving community.

The underwater landscape around Gozo is diverse and spectacular, offering caverns, reefs, tunnels, and sheer drop-offs. Although the Mediterranean Sea is not particularly famous for its marine life, divers can encounter groupers, moray eels, barracudas, stingrays, octopuses, cuttlefish, amberjacks, and occasionally seahorses. What the sea may lack in marine abundance, it compensates with exceptional visibility, often exceeding 30 meters. Additionally, the absence of strong tides and currents makes diving around Gozo safer and more predictable. In case of bad weather, divers can usually find a suitable dive site within a 15-minute drive, which is a significant advantage over the main island.

Gozo is also equipped with its own decompression chamber, offering emergency treatment for divers with decompression sickness, enhancing its appeal to international divers. With sea temperatures ranging from 15 degrees Celsius in winter to 28 degrees Celsius in summer, Gozo’s waters are often warmer than other parts of the Mediterranean.

In essence, Gozo is a paradise for divers of all levels. Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice looking to embark on your first underwater adventure, Gozo has everything you need to cultivate a lifelong passion for the sea. A beginner dive, which only takes about an hour and a half, can ignite a love for diving that lasts a lifetime.