The Director Speaks: Luke Azzopardi, Riccardo Buscarini

The Aurora Opera House stands as a chapter in the 160-year history of the Leone Philharmonic Society. It was here that opera found its Gozitan home, marked by the ground-breaking 1977 rendition of Madama Butterfly. Therefore, the inclusion of Puccini’s masterpiece on this year’s bill holds
special significance.

Yet, this year’s focus is forward-looking. The Aurora Opera House has assembled a creative team to craft an extraordinary production that promises to mesmerize. Aesthetic designers Luke Azzopardi and Riccardo Buscarini will unveil their unique interpretation of Puccini’s masterpiece through scenes, costumes, and artistic direction.

In a concise 45-minute talk conducted in English, this journey of creativity will be revealed. The minds behind the production will provide insights into their artistic process, granting a glimpse into the essence of the opera’s narrative and its visual translation.

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Event Info

October 13, 2023 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: St Augustine Square