Xlendi Tower restoration completed

Description: Going back to 1650, Xlendi Tower is the oldest tower in Gozo. Restoration just completed on the outside and the interior of the tower uncovered frescoes that had been concealed, including paintings of a crucifix, a church and candlesticks, now preserved by professional restorers.

Sited at the tip of the Ras il-Bajda promontory, Xlendi Tower – which had served for defence purposes – had ended up in a ruinous state as a result of abandonment and the elements. Today the tower is back to its original state following extensive restoration to both the exterior and interior. The restoration was carried out under the direction of architect Herman Bonnici. The tower is now fitted with a new system of lighting, and an interpretation centre on the inside details the story of the tower and information about the seas around Xlendi.

Munxar Mayor Damien Spiteri said the aim of the Local Council is for the tower to serve as an educational tool for the public about this part of the coastline in the limits of Munxar. To mention just two factors, an exhibition of amphorae in Xlendi Tower that were recovered from the sea around Xlendi, amphorae going back to some 700 years BC. Also worth mentioning is a unique and beautiful characteristic of this tower, being the frescoes accidentally uncovered during the restoration work and now incorporated in the process.

The project cost 355,000 euro, part of which came from European Union funds.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri stated during the inauguration that as a result of this project, another historic building in Gozo has been safeguarded and the tourist product on offer in Gozo has been augmented, with the aim of attracting more quality tourists and continuing to boost the economy.

The tower will be open to the public during the weekends in summer

Source: Ministry for Gozo

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